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Welcome to the Adventure Time Card Wars Wiki!

Sideboarding, Officially Official!

The "Adventure Time Card Wars Official Guide" book has been out for a couple months now, and with it, something wonderful has happened. It seems our little community here may have influenced our beloved card game (or at least the author of the guide.)

Sideboarding has not only been mentioned, but broken down and detailed as to how, when and why you should use a Sideboard. Though this may be common for other TCGs, using a Sideboard for Card Wars has been an unofficial practice...until now!

Congratulations, Wiki! We've made a difference.

Doubles Tournament is released!

The new cards are out and added to the Deck Builder! Bare with us as you can not yet filter the search function for Teamwork cards directly. They can however, be found through filtering Landscape type or entering "Team" into the description box.

If you're curious how 2v2 works, you can check out the Formats page for a quick rundown of the rules (and other game modes, too!)

Tabletop Simulator and Steam Group

We now have our very own Steam Group! Join it to see who's playing Card Wars Tabletop Simulator, or to share the wonder of ATCWTCG with your friends.

Adventure Time Card Wars Steam Group

What's Tabletop Simulator, you ask? It's a paid game on Steam that allows you to play tabletop games, including Card Wars! The community can finally play against each other. You can even use our Deck Builder to export decks! More info on Tabletop Simulator here.

Card Wars Tabletop


Card Wars TCG Simulator

Create your deck and play Card Wars online for free in the card game simulator LackeyCCG! Click here to download!

Card Wars Creations

Hey guys, Flambo here. Back again with another YouTube ATCW treat.

A nice fella is whipping up some deckbuilds and top 10s of our favorite game in Ooo. With a little persuasion, he might even do some suggested content!

If you're interested in getting a new perspective on the game, you can find his top 10 Rainbow cards here!

For more Card Wars videos, check out Card Wars Saturday Night and our forum's very own Ice King tutorials!

Deck Builder Beta version online!

People, you have been waiting for this for a long time, well it's finally here! I want to thank ShadowCrush for all the work he put into this, I am very grateful and so is the entire community I bet :P. So the Deck Builder button in the navigation menu up top is now working. In case it doesn't refresh the page or clear your temporary files and reload or something. Time to create and share those decks guys!

Please report any issues with it on this forum thread: The official Deck Builder thread

Recent forum posts

Quickly catch on to what's been recently posted by going to the Forum Log page