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Alright guys, I'm modifying this post to remove unnecessary information. Now that I released the mod on Steam Workshop, you can simply subscribe to it by visiting this link:

So what's Tabletop Simulator? It's a simulator for board games. The community there has released huge amounts of mods that allow playing pretty much any board game in existence. So for something around $15USD you get to play Card Wars and much more. In my opinion, it's worth it.

So how does it work? Once in the game, if you subscribed to my mod, when you create a new game, you'll see the Steam Workshop icon, you press that and in the list you should see Adventure Time Card Wars TCG. You click that and voila! All cards available start loading up, and it includes 2 custom decks I created + Ice King vs Marceline all ready to be played.

You can also start creating decks using the game's built in Deck Builder. See the tutorial here:

Once your deck is created and you have a huge image file containing all of your cards, you have to find an image host and upload it, then within Tabletop Simulator, you follow the instructions provided in the video mentioned above. You'll need a link to the back of the cards when importing a deck so here it is.

Back of the cards:

The Card Wars deck builder is gonna be available soon and there will be an option to export the deck for Tabletop Simulator. You will still have to find a way to upload the deck online somewhere though.

If you'd like to play with me, my Steam username is Rayved and I got the game already setup and ready to play on a save file I can load in a second.

I hope to see you guys there!

Posted by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 28 May 2015 at 04:37.
Edited by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 13 June 2015 at 16:14.

Please could you can re- post the images of landscapes ?

Posted by PKreaper on 11 June 2015 at 02:24.

I have a few questions regarding this. I downloaded Steam solely with the intent to play this Simulator, but I'm hesitant about paying 15USD for a Steam Game. Anyway, here I go.

How well does it work in your opinion?

Is it confusing to set up/play? I am terrible with modding/doing much of anything with computers, and so if it requires a good degree of manipulation, then I might pass on it.

How does the turn base dynamic work? In other words, do we (the players) have to keep track of AP/damage/draws each turn without an insurmountable programmed power (such as a system that does these things for us/keep track of floops and what they do and AP gains). Many of my games are riddled with human error, and I think this would be worsened if done on a computer.

Does it require a lot of preparation?

How many people currently play Card Wars on the Simulator that you know of (just a number, no names required)?

I might think of a few more if time goes on, but as of now, I'm very interested in playing with it. Thank you for you time.

Posted by The Lich on 11 June 2015 at 03:04.

Hey PKreaper, I fixed the link, but if you go to the steam page and subscribe, you won't need to set any additional thing except for creating your own custom deck. Note though that the mod has 2 of my custom decks already included, + the new Ice King and Marceline ones ready to be played.

The Lich, the game itself is some kind of physics simulator. It works kind of like a sandbox, you import the objects in the game and then you just do what you want with them, you can flip the table, throw cards and whatever.

If you subscribe to the mod, everything will load up automatically, then you can see through all of the available cards to create your custom deck, and you can save that deck to load it up for future use.

There is no turn base anything, you have to tell your opponent that it's his turn and so on, so mutual respect is a must, though I haven't met anyone who's acted like a dick yet. There's always an undo button that can go back 1 action in the past if you ever mess up the whole thing by mistake.

So it's the same for drawing cards, you draw when required, though you could pick up as many cards as you like since you're not bound by any programmed rules.

You can rotate cards on themselves to floop by picking up a card and spinning the mouse wheel. As for action gains, well you keep track of them in your head or any other method you want. You can simply type in down in the chat box.

As for the number of people who play. There's currently 182 subscribers to the mod already after 8 days since I officially posted the mod on steam, though in my personal circle we are 6 people to play.

If you add me on steam, you could easily catch me online. My username is Rayved.

When you search for rooms to play in the game, you'll see which mod everyone is using, so you'll know if they're playing Card Wars or Settlers of Catan or whatever. A lot of curious people are coming over in my games to see just how it works, that community seems to like trying new stuff so you might bump in a few people who'd like to try it out but need explaining if you create a room and just wait (which is a good thing in my opinion :P)

So I hope I've covered all of your questions, if you got more, don't hesitate to ask.

Btw, when you first start up the game, there is a little tutorial you can go through that explains controls. There's also a card search function when you want to see through the discard pile or something.

Posted by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 11 June 2015 at 17:04.

Downloaded the mod and everything, and it works decently. Definitely depends on the honor code though.

For the deck builder, is it possible to take the files you posted above but only add specific cards from the list? i.e.) I copied the useless swamp jpeg, but I only want Red Eyeling in the deck. When You just copy/paste, the whole image is added as one giant card and you can't edit individual cards.

Posted by The Lich on 12 June 2015 at 04:48.

What you can do inside the mod is take the cards you want to keep, assemble them in a deck, and then right click the deck and save to chest. This way you can easily load it in other games without going through any of those url steps.

Once the Card Wars's deck builder will be released, there will be an option to export for tabletop simulator for quickly building decks without having to go through the long painful process and individually picking them up in tabletop sim.

Edit: Add me on steam!

Posted by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 12 June 2015 at 06:03.
Edited by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 12 June 2015 at 06:31.

Will do. It might be awhile before I play a game because I want to get better at the controls.

Do you think it makes more sense to wait for the deck builder export on this website as opposed to the in-game one? I'm already loathing the whole copy/paste jpeg thing, and if the deck builder will be finished soon, I will wait for that.

If the deck builder won't be finished for a while, what dimensions/settings did you use for the cards? I want to make sure that there is consistency in the cards already made and the ones that I might have to add, i.e.) I don't want the cards in my deck to be larger than yours.

Posted by The Lich on 12 June 2015 at 19:48.

The deck builder's unfinished version can be found here:

The "Export to Tabletop" button should work fine. Well I think the whole thing is completed already, I have to talk to ShadowCrush about the little details that may need attention but I think it's finished.

Posted by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 12 June 2015 at 20:04.

Excellent. anyway, is your Steam name is Rayve? no Rayved appears, but if i had to guess, i think i found you.

Posted by The Lich on 12 June 2015 at 21:07.

Really? There are like 8 pages of users named Rayved. XD

Posted by Flambo (administrator) on 12 June 2015 at 21:13.

It is Rayved as I mentioned in my other post. I don't see any friend request though :(

Posted by Jake the Dog (administrator) on 12 June 2015 at 21:14.
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